Friday, 21 June 2013

Taking Time Out

My friend Daz has lived in Wales around 7 years, but hasn't seen enough of it in my opinion, SO I devised a mystery road trip idea.  Basically he (foolishly) gets in my car and trusts that I'll take him somewhere interesting that he hasn't been to before.

Last week we did our first mystery road trip, and the journey took us to my neck of the woods which is more west Wales.

As the weather was atrocious, I needed somewhere that had both an indoors and outdoor element.  The natural choice was Dinefwr in Llandeilo.  I definitely made the right choice!  We had a giggle in the manor house trying to fold shirts properly (even with instructions we failed) and playing dominoes.  We both got our energy back by having hearty soup in the tea room and as the rain had eased slightly we took a little stroll.

This is what we saw...

I had a really lovely day, then came home and cooked a last minute dinner (luckily it turned out delish!) for some friends and we had a swedish hasbeen wearing party at mine.  Fun!

Gwynypie xoxo

Monday, 17 June 2013

Spot the theme (Fluffy Post)

I was going through some photos the other day, and noticed that I really do have a big place in my heart (and wardrobe) for polka dots.  It just isn't going away I guess.

I also played Dominoes over the weekend, and that essentially a game with polka dots, isn't it?!

Do I need an intervention?!

Case in point:

Ah well.  I like 'em.  That's all that matters, right?

Gwynypie xoxo

Sunday, 16 June 2013


I have quite a few worries and stresses keeping my mind occupied at the moment, which is challenging for me to keep in control as I am such a chronic worrier.  Amazingly, I really think I'm getting better and not letting things bother me when they shouldn't.  Or something like that, anyway.

Despite these worries, (which are annoyances more than proper concerns) I'm feeling rather content and positively overwhelmed by living through some of the most moving experiences I've had in a really long time.  I feel I've worked hard on myself over the past few years to just go for it and have a 'screw it' attitude when it comes to doing the things that are truly important to me and that fundamentally help me breathe.

It's nice to slow down for a minute and think about the impact of what I've been up to


One of my favourite people, my friend Julie, has been going to these organised roller skating sessions for a little while and it didn't take much for our other friend Kath and I to join in with the fun.  A few sessions in, and me bringing along another couple of friends for the ride too, and it was time to disco and party on down.  We all came geared with energy and brought our cheesiest personalities to ham it up and get into the groove.

We all had the BEST time.  It was seriously so much fun, and it was a perfect Sunday activity.  Other than us all getting a little warm (read sweaty) and trying really hard to avoid children who really are not wheel-worthy, it was such a giggle.  

Slightly unusual get-togethers with your closest friends, like this one, where you all become wonderfully silly and everything is ridiculously funny are just required every so often.  Just letting loose and doing something quite nostalgic and having some good, clean fun.  With glowsticks.  And strawberry laces as snacks.  (Ever so grown up!)

I really needed this... xoxo

Glowsticks...mandatory for a disco/rave/good time.  (Mine's still glowing some 10 hours on!)

Disco queens (pre-sweatiness).

Fun footwear that makes even my jazziest shoes seems ridiculously dull.  A glimpse of my cowboy themed socks for you all to enjoy too.

xoxo Gwynypie (rolling not strolling along the sweetest road_

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

a documentary a day...for a week

So.  I haven't posted a blog post for months.  In fact I haven't written one, deliberated over its validity, decided it's crap and then deleted it for just as long either.  What does this mean?  I haven't written a word in one of these blogger boxes since around New Year.  So what?  Well.  I guess I feel that if I have a vessel for writing openly (i.e. not a journal or diary that only I see) I should use it.  If I'm not using it, it's equivalent to suggesting I don't think my thoughts are valid or worth noting.  "Your thoughts are valid" is an affirmation (of sorts) I remind myself of often.  Really often.  However, if I push these more negative thoughts to one side a little, I'd realise that the reason I haven't posted is a little more muddled than that and is actually more about this year truly flying by at a pace unknown to me before now, combined with my intrinsic laziness (which leads to the not writing, painting, photographing, cooking,making etc etc that I constantly feel urged to change and guilty over.)  Add a smidge of not feeling that what I have to say is worthwhile, and you have the perfect combination for not bothering to write anything.

I'm now mildly impressed with myself for explaining my lack of writing with a proper written ramble.  Not sure what that means.

Anyhow, not on to the actual subject at hand.  Documentaries.  This week I have provided myself with a 'challenge.'  Said challenge is actually very easy and one I'll thoroughly enjoy therefore I will be a champion challenge winner at this rate!  Huzzah!

Last week I decided to watch Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father.  This is one of my favourite documentaries (it's incredibly sad, but excellent) as it takes me to the brink emotionally at every corner.  I've seen this film probably around ten times now, and every time my hand shoots up to my mouth at warp speed in shock and sadness.  My eye well up and cry uncontrollably.  It just does that.  Watching Dear Zachary got me on a bit of a documentary kick. I watch lots of films per week, and recently around 2-3 at the cinema per week.

The challenge I challenged myself with is this:  a documentary a day for a week.
Basically, seven documentaries over the course of the next week.  I have a load lined up, and in three nights I've already totalled around 5, so am going to smash my challenge (theoretically).

So far, so good.  I've enjoyed (almost) all of my choices, and save for a couple I've been watching documentaries I haven't seen before.

When the week is up, I'm going to check back in here with a run-down of them all and some reflections.

I like the idea of this challenge a lot, and am already thinking of 'a _____ a day for a week' equivalents I could challenge myself with!

Speak to you next week...xoxo

Monday, 14 January 2013

the sweetest path?

Doesn't this path look as if it leads to a magical land of whimsy?!  Ok, maybe not quite, but it does look like it could lead to some exploring opportunities.  I spent an afternoon on this very path, cycling and taking photos of the lovely nature that surrounded me.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Post Gigathon and Glasgow Love

I've had quite some time to reflect over my gigathon experience.  There are two main outcomes from this reflection:
1) I am ridiculously happy that I did it
2) I fell in love with Glasgow 

There is a sort of third, but it's this huge, emotional outcome that's going to be difficult to collate and put into any sort of cohesive narrative.  I'll try.  (Feel free to ignore all that bit when it comes).

But first, 1) and 2).  Simply put I feel so empowered and relieved that I went ahead and made that week a real experience.  I love that on quite a whim I decided 'fuck it' and booked a week off work to traipse around the UK willy nilly listening to some (favourite) bands that happened (amazingly) to be playing within days of each other.  When I type it out like that, I do get a slight 'woah' moment.  After all the emotional trauma I've dealt with in the last few years and some of the physical results of that I am beyond ecstatic that I did something truly for me.  It may be the first instance of that to be honest.  It felt incredible.  Music, art and film really do feed my soul and as far as I'm concerned (other than having amazing people I love in my life) are my primary and most significant joy in life.  I truly believe it's music and film and art that essentially helps my breathe and feel and be.  The experience of totally enveloping myself in all of that, completely alone, it wonderfully overwhelming and feels so pure in its intentions.  It really has changed my life.

I'm so glad Glasgow was a part of this experience.  What a wonderful place.  It felt like home, to be honest.  That scares me slightly.  I have this terrible fear of being in the wrong place in life, and it did shake me to think that maybe I'm supposed to be somewhere else (particularly having tried to move away a few times over the past couple of years.)  I am trying to put that thought aside slightly, as I want to truly enjoy what was the coolest place I've been (since Berlin?) that made me feel good about being me, and loving what I love, and feeling at ease with what is at its core just my nature.  

Glasgow is a shit city if you're a graffiti hunter like me though (see bottom picture) as there is very little.  Or I found very little anyway!

I'm not going to harp on too much about point 3, which isn't really a point as I'm still fuzzy about it.  But I guess what points 1 and 2 do collectively is make me feel really comfortable in my own skin about what I adore about this world.  Creativity, searching for beauty, feeding my soul.  In recent months I've met some wonderful people (now friends I hope) who love what I love.  For the past few years, due to changes in circumstances (blah blah blah) I have been without people in my life who are 'into the same stuff as me.'  I have amazing friends who have helped me survive my lowest ebb and have helped me celebrate my highest peaks, and they are what makes my heart beat.  But I have felt that the one thing I was missing was someone to spill out all of my thoughts and feelings about music (and film) to.  Meeting these guys in the last four or so months has brought me such joy, and also a sense of relief.  I don't feel stifled by my obsessions anymore.  I feel liberated, as there are people I can reach out to who get it.  They just get it.  And they are helping me feel more alive each day because I feel less alone at a time in my life where I could feel completely and utterly lonely.  It's incredible.  People are incredible.  Music is incredible, and how it brings people together has changed my life.  From the small things to some of the major things.  I said I wouldn't harp on too much...

Below are some shots of Glasgow.  I begin and end with 'graffiti' in a somewhat ironic way!

Until next time Glasgow...

Until next time gigathon...

And hopefully, the next time I feel like the truly liberated Gwyneth won't be far away...xoxo

She's about to pick up that guy.  This is also the first Glasgow photo I took.  I'm happy with that!

Someone must have walked home barefoot


Booze and locals

The darkest clouds

Glasgow is a city of contrasts.  Where some amazing old building are cherished and cared for others are demolished to make room for modernity.

Truck decor

Worst graffiti ever...fact.  Glasgow was not the place to hunt graffiti.  If someone knows differently, let me know!